About Us

Welcome to The Olive Oil Boom, a woman-owned, small business, located in Arlington, Va. near the Courthouse Metro station. As a purveyor of fine olive oils and balsamic vinegars, my store seeks to create a “boom” in the community of people using olive oil to improve their health by cooking with fresh, natural foods, as well as others interested in the taste of a high-quality product.

I was inspired to start The Olive Oil Boom given my long-term love for high-quality olives, which I starting eating at the age of five after my paternal grandfather ordered a special case from Canada. While the same olives are offered in the store today, I also offer over 26 different olive oils and 25 varieties of balsamics, which are provided by Veronica Foods, the oldest olive oil company in the United States. My store is only one of 400 stores in the U.S. which offers this broad spectrum of oils and balsamics from an award-winning supplier known for fresh and quality products. As a strong believer in healthy living by cooking with fresh and natural products, I’m happy to help you find the right products to fit your needs.

The Olive Oil Boom store name is inspired by my husband’s and my many years of experience in the oil industry and the career of my maternal grandfather, who was Superintendent of the Little Inch Pipeline for The Texas Pipe Line Company (which eventually became Texaco). My health influences come from my work in positions such as Business Manager for a major oil company health department, 911 Licensed Harris County TX dispatcher, and a 5 yr volunteer Licensed Emergency Medical Assistant for a former TX community. Combining the two influences, I wanted to create a positive outcome – if crude oil once created an oil “boom” why not a promote a “healthy” olive oil boom?

I invite you to come taste the difference in my olive oils, balsamics, and other products. The store is a tasting room, and my highly-trained staff will happily provide you with recipes or answer other questions that you may have.

An Oil Boom promotes Wealth . . .
An Olive Oil Boom promotes Health!!!

Judy Westfall, Owner

About Olive Oil Boom